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Engagement Verses

Engagement Verse 1

To a very special couple
Who make a perfect pair
This brings a wish for happiness
In the future you will share

Engagement Verse  2

Once upon a time you met
And shared much love and laughter
May your Engagement continue the fairy tale
Happy Ever After

Engagement Verse  3

Here's congratulations
For this special day
May Each Engagement hour
Be happy and gay-
May it lead to a future
That will just overflow
With all of the gladness

You deserve to know

Engagement Verse  4

The best of wishes to you both
Congratulations, too-
May your engagement be the start
Of happiness for you
And may the future bring you
All the joys you're dreaming of
So that every year before you
finds you even more in love!

Engagement Verse  5

A really wonderful future
The hope of dreams-come-true
And all the happiness in the word
just wished this day for you

Engagement Verse  6

May all the joy of making plans
For your own wedding day
Make each day happy for you
In a very special way,
And may the future always hold
The very best things, too,
For you - and for that lucky man (woman)
Who means so much to you.

Engagement Verse  7

Believe in each other

The dreams that you share

Continue to cherish

And show that you care

May the gift of love be your support

And keep you close together

May the gift of love be yours today

Tomorrow & forever